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Yongsanguan Rice Mill had established in 1977 and output capacity of this site is 120 tons per day manufacturing   area of 24,000 square meters in Joho District, Nakornratchasima.

Since then Yongsanguan has built it’s reputation of leasing rice mill in Thai North East region so as addition rice mill was estabilshed  to accommodate  repid growth in demands and company with new international standards in   KokSung District, Nakornratchasima . This new site furthers the output capacity with addition manufacturing area of  67,200 square (further expansion capability of 208,000 meters).

Currently,  Yongsanguan  Rice Mill are equipped with latest   technoiogies from Germany to further the output capacity to  300 tons  per day, with concentrates on high quality jasmine and white rice from the selected high quality raw rice for Yongsanguan brand or our customers brand.

and we want to be
" Expertise in Rice innovation"

In order to produce highest quality products, we used the latest German rice mill technology by Buhler. Each production   process  are   produce   under our High Technology Automotive Machine as:

-Top white Vertical Whitener Machines

-Optical Color Sorting Machines

-Des toner  Machines

-Smart Poly  Polisher Machines

Modern Factory

-Controlling each Machine with  high computer system technology

-Warehouse with epoxy floor

-Paddy storage silo with temperature control

-cleaning before store

-Good transportation system, fast & on time

-Our team management please to serving you

Current Products

-Thai Jasmine “Hom Mali” Rice Grade a 100%

-Pure long grain white rice 100% - polished

-Pure long grain white rice broken 5% - polished

-White broken fragrant rice a1 Super Special – polished

- White broken fragrant rice a1 Super – polished

- White broken fragrant rice a1 Super Special – polished

-White broken rice A1 Super Special – polished

- White broken rice A1 Super l – polished

- White broken rice A1 Special – polished

-Small broken rice C1

Packing : 15kg, 49kg, 99kg, or your requirement for packing with your own brand

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